3 Productivity Hacks to Save You Time

Posted on August 14, 2014

After taking a brief hiatus to travel the world (as you do), I am now attempting to reign in my time and get back into a more productive work schedule.

And thanks to a steady diet of leisurely days and free time, I also have to break a few rather naughty habits accumulated over the past couple of months.

So to get back into shape, I’ve implemented these awesome time management hacks to cut down on wasted time while also increasing daily productivity:

1) RescueTime


Four words: install this right now!

A fantastic tool that monitors your computer activity and gives you a personal analysis of how you spend your time – complete with tips on how to trim the fat and be more productive.

2) The Email Game

The Email Game

Need some motivation to tackle that giant pile of unanswered emails every morning? The Email Game turns sorting your mail into a high-stakes competition where you can earn points for every email actioned!

3) KanBan Flow

KanBan Flow

An easy-to-use scheduling application that works brilliantly for team projects or collaborations.

Be sure to make use of the Pomodoro timer at the bottom of the application which is fashioned after the Pomodoro Technique that breaks tasks into bite-sized 25 minute segments.

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