Why You Can’t Afford to be Late for the Cyber Revolution

Posted on January 9, 2014

My husband is convinced that in the next five years – ten years tops – we are all going to be living online. Work, shopping, leisure activities, everything will be conducted remotely through some sort of online interface.

While it’s easy to negate his little sci-fi fantasy, the reality is that real life is rapidly merging with cyberspace.

The cons of this particular arrangement certainly receive a fair bit of media attention, however the pros of carving out a professional presence online are beyond compelling.

With so many people sharing one communal space, the internet has given new meaning to the concept of the niche.

In fact, I would go as far to say that the internet is the only place to truly find, narrow and define your target niche. Where else would you have access to a potential audience of over 2 billion people?

The catch? With all the noise it’s much harder to be heard.

Here’s the solution: you need to become a guru.

Nowadays if someone wants expert advice on something, they don’t crack open a phone book, they Google it. If you’re not present online, you might as well not exist.

And because becoming an expert doesn’t happen overnight, you need to get started now.

According to Forbes’ top marketing trends for 2014, content marketing is set to be even bigger than ever. Building your authority online starts now.

Because in five years when we’re all hooked up and living our lives in cyberspace, your authority online will count more than it ever did in the real world.

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