Why I Still Use Facebook

Posted on August 24, 2013

Just when we had convinced grandma to finally set up a Facebook page, the dominating social network of the late-2000s is now no longer cool with the kids.

According to 13-year-old Ruby Karp’s great little piece on Mashable, “Facebook was just this thing all our parents seemed to have.”

The precocious social media junkie argues that there are so many other new platforms available – Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Vine – that are hipper and simpler to use. And Facebook’s new marketing-heavy interface doesn’t impress the young teen either.

It appears Facebook has gravitated away from it’s status as a trendy young gizmo to a more generic networking tool. Will it suffer the same fate as MySpace when all the trigger-happy teens migrate over to the next best thing?

Who knows. What I do know is that Facebook continues to remain an essential part of how I maintain relationships across the globe. Having grown up in New Zealand, studied in Hong Kong and lived in Europe and North America, keeping in touch with all the friends, family and travel buddies I’ve picked up along the way is an daunting prospect.

Facebook keeps all my contacts in one place. I can see what everyone’s up to in any given place at any given time. I’ll login in the morning to get the latest on Hong Kong happenings and login again at night to get my daily New Zealand update.

I can drop in to post, like and comment on several friend’s profiles in the time it would take to hunt around for one person’s email address. Don’t get me wrong, relationships can’t be maintained by Facebook bursts alone. But it does allow you to show people you’re thinking of them, filling in the time between that long-awaited Skype call or their next visit.

And yes, I do feel closer after perusing through photos, fun travel stories and quirky news shares. I know a little about what’s going on in their lives without having to press them for daily updates.

While Facebook’s privacy policy is continually being called into question, if you take due care it’s certainly a lot more private than broadcasting your thoughts to the masses on Twitter. And I kind of like the fact the it allows for photo, video and link sharing all in one place.

Annoying ads aside, Facebook still works for me and even if it sees a mass exodus of the 18-and-under club, I’ve never been one to follow the crowd.

photo credit: selva via photopin cc

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