How to Get Started on Pinterest

Posted on July 29, 2013

You’ve probably overheard people gushing about it, you might have seen a few pins pop up on your Facebook feed. It’s the go-to place for wedding planning, interior design fantasy boards and food porn – lots of food porn.

But what is Pinterest?

Simply said, its an image aggregating tool. Images can be “pinned” from anywhere on the web or uploaded by users themselves.

They are then sorted into visual image boards which are then pored over by other users and eventually shared and repinned onto their own boards.

It’s fun, it’s trending and it’s a great social media tool for the image-heavy brand or website.

So how do you get in on this whole Pinterest thing?

Find people to follow

When you set up an account, Pinterest will automatically make you choose a couple of topics and boards to follow so that your home feed will start generating some activity.

Feel free to browse the site using the search button at the top to find pins relevant to your interests and subject matter.

Don’t feel like you have to start pinning right away. A good idea is to get familiar with what others are doing. Pinterest is great because you can peruse users’ boards and images without having to “friend” them first.

This means you can go out and observe how people collate their pins and the kinds of boards they have. Use it to get some inspiration for your own page.

Create a board

Do a quick brainstorm and come up with ideas for 5 individual image boards. Underneath each board, make a list of 2-3 types of pins you can use for the board.

For example, I have a Pinterest board called Twitter. On that board I pin anything from Twitter tips and social media infographics to Twitter related quotes.

Coming up with a couple of subcategories for your board will make it a lot easier to find relevant pins when you’re first getting started.

Begin with one board at a time, no one likes to come across a Pinterest page full of empty or half-empty boards. I always like to make my board secret until I have at least 6 pins. That way all the board’s thumbnail pictures are full when I make it live on my Pinterest page.

Remember you can pin any image to a board, whether it is from your website, someone else’s website or on your computer hard drive.

Quick Tip: Don’t skimp on the details. A big part of the power of Pinterest is in the tagging and description of pins. Make sure to give each pin a short description and include any relevant tags like #socialmedia #tips etc. This holds true for boards as well, a clear name and description will be super important in the long run.

Interact with the community

Once you have a couple of boards set up, start getting social!

Build up your followers by following others and taking the time to like and comment on their pins. Offer to share common boards with like-minded users. You can even share your original content by pinning an eye-catching image with a link through to your site.

Pinning and re-pinning will soon become second nature and your Pinterest following will have nowhere to go but up.

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